With Australia Day almost upon the nation, strongly-worded articles and think-pieces about the day’s bleak history are being written, read and shared across our wide and hot country. Australia Day used to be a simple advertising opportunity for national brands to align themselves with our nation’s brilliantly unique identity, but
It is often the case that companies focus their attention on sales and straightforward marketing tactics that they forget to take time to shift this attention towards crafting a solid brand. Just like people, brand’s need personality. Without personality, there is little likelihood you will receive the desired level of
The silly season is upon us. Present shopping and work drinks  is keeping us up late, out and on about, and constantly on the phone. While people are winding down at work, they’re preparing themselves for as much fun as they can fit into their break. This time of year,
While you may not have heard of the word ‘listicle’, if you have perused any news website on the internet in the last ten years, you have probably come across this style of article. A listicle is easy and simple style of writing content as a list. Nearly a decade
‘Innovative’, ‘revolutionary’, ‘transformative’ – journalists and bloggers rely on these words to label emerging digital technology. They claim new inventions will make our current everyday online tools obsolete. One resounding example of ‘innovative’ technology which ultimately failed was the chatbot. First said to be leading the charge towards replacing basic
Technology has come a long way. No one can argue that. But we still attach the notion of technology to a device of some sort. Could this be changing? Tech startup company, Noveto is pioneering the shift towards device-less technology with innovative ideas that could see the end of earphones
The search engine behemoth Google is dismantling its long-run social network Google+. The multinational company behind it is citing a data breach as the reason for the cease of service for consumers. Between 2015 and 2018, all of the network’s third-party developers could access up to 500,000 user’s private information
Innovative ways to advertise pop up everyday. We are bombarded at every angle, most of the time without knowing. We have come to accept this as the society that we live in. But, can this go too far? The Sydney Opera House has long been the most distinctly recognised symbol
Vertical videos were once the scourge of the internet. The unsightly black bars either side of an online video were the call signs of an amateur. Youtube, Vimeo and other video-sharing platforms awkwardly squeezed vertically filmed videos into their horizontal media players, because that was the their format. However with
RED Digital Cinema President Jarred Land today shared their collaboration with Facebook, the new Manifold 360 degree camera.
A business’ website is crucial to maintain, but with it so many things can go wrong. Poor load speeds, clunky design, and painfully absent features are just a few obstacles to stay on the lookout for when looking at updating your website. Here are five potential hurdles to keep in
The introduction of drones into the film sphere has taken production levels sky high (literally). Drone footage is implemented by major players in the digital marketing world. So, what’s the big deal with sending a camera a couple hundred feet up into the sky, and why should you consider this
Mobile smartphones are now intrinsic to our lives. Consumers are constantly using their smartphones to check messages, update and search. By 2020, 2.5 billion people will own a smartphone. In Australia, 88% of the population own a smartphone and look at their small screens an average of 35 times per
Have you ever almost clicked on what seemed like a super interesting, super relevant piece of content, only to see a small ‘sponsored’ tag underneath it? That, is the power of native advertising. By definition, native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural
The Royal Queensland Show, otherwise known as the Ekka is in full swing this week. People from all over Queensland descend upon the Brisbane Showgrounds for a massive week of rides, carnival food, farmyard animals, live entertainment and of course, showbags. The goody bags full of sweets, toys and knickknacks
For nearly two decades the mobile phone has had a camera capable of recording video. Its first iterations were humble, with videos as pixelated as the likes of found footage of Big Foot. The phone’s internals have improved dramatically, however these days most people use their smartphones for selfies or
Brand creation and evolution is a story. And like all stories, there is a structure. To ensure the success of a brand, there are multiple touchpoints that work together to create brand success. Touchpoints are most commonly viewed as interactions. In the digital marketing world, interaction is everything and consumer’s
The plastic bag ban has finally come and it is here to stay. Beyond the online news stories and social media posts about abused retail and supermarket staff, society hasn’t crumbled like a single-use bag under a landfill. This roll-out has sparked yet another nationwide conversation about how individuals can
Strategy. A word that has absolutely exploded in recent times. What was once a carefully used word exclusive to the marketing and advertising world, has now been incorporated far and wide across a plethora of industries. This prompts the question, has the word ‘strategy’ lost its power? strat·e·gy /ˈstradəjē/ noun
Kensington Palace has announced the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will tour Australia this Spring. Millions of people around the globe tuned in to watch their wedding to get a glimpse of the British royal family’s lifestyle of pomp and pageantry. It’s difficult to
Ad blocking. It’s changing the way the more youthful generation consume. The ability to block ads sees a huge red flag for the future success of the advertising industry. How can you reach consumers that are purposefully avoiding you? The answer to that question is actually quite simple: create better
The rise of digital media has shifted the marketing and advertising landscape as we know it. The newfound ability to reach consumers on a personal and interactive level has seen great advances. Considering digital advertising spend accounts for about 50% of all ad spend in Australia, you’d expect this to
Technology is taking over. It’s no longer surprising, people are coming to terms with it. The industries we know now will never be the same. They’re changing before our eyes, every minute of the day. One of the biggest contenders currently is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) currently slots into
Brand image is everything. Projecting this correctly is one of the biggest challenges modern-day advertisers face. The decision to tell or inspire through advertising can have a huge impact on the overall success of a campaign. The concept of telling in advertising is often associated with simply projecting about a
The term “influencer” is being used more and more in the marketing and advertising world. There is a divided opinion in the media world surrounding this new form of promotion.  Whilst some marking it a major player in the future of advertising, others are disappointed at the drastic shift away
Modern day business relies on reviews, across any industry or business size. Traditionally, reviews were honest responses from customers that have physically visited or had some form of experience with the business and have something positive or negative to say for the benefit of future customers. Recent statistics show that
The digital world is changing at our fingertips, at a rapid rate that no one can keep track of. What once seemed like a very distant future, is now a harsh reality. That is the threat of cybersecurity. According to PwC, Australian CEO’s now see cybersecurity as the number one threat
The power of social media for greater change is unbelievable. If enough people get behind a campaign, it can change social norms drastically. This has been happening recently in a campaign fronted by Jamie Oliver called #adenough. As one of the most famous chefs globally, Oliver has a stronghold on the
Given the nature of the Facebook scandal at the moment, users are at their most aware about what they share and what privacy really means on the sites through which they share every inch of their lives. A recent issue experienced in the world of social networking was the introduction
In the modern digital age, users have more power than ever before. The rise of social media networks has brought users together and given them an increased ability to dictate the ultimate success of these platforms.  Popular social networking application Snapchat has recently been under fire following it’s latest update.
Let’s start at the top with the question so many clients ask. What is branding? I think I already have it, don’t I? I’ve got my logo and it’s on my stationary and products, that’s branding, right? To put it succinctly, the answer to the first question is usually; you
Great graphic design is a creative process. It takes time, care, experience, and most importantly, it takes an open dialogue. What is the purpose of the design, what are you looking to achieve? The key to remember is that behind every design you are telling a story. You have to
What makes a great logo & how can I get one? Your logo provides a cornerstone to your business. When we work with a client developing a new business concept, their logo is always our first port of call when setting up their marketing strategy. All creative decisions stem from the brand