You’ve heard of influencers, right? People whose job it is to, well—be influential. They’re on every social network and device spruiking festivals and luxury brands to their huge list of followers, for a price. These people are popular for popular’s sake and brands are utilising them now more than ever.
Bold claims exist around voice. According to the news, it’s set to replace the keyboard. Apple’s mobile assistant Siri is already a go-to for busy people out-and-about, but voice in the home is here. Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are two devices which are being placed on coffee tables and bookshelves
Remember Google Glass? In 2012, the search-engine’s dabble into wearable technology made people reason with the possibility of an anime-like future. Their smart glasses with a camera built into the frames wasn’t as well-received as the company had hoped. People were rightly concerned with a discreet recording device sitting on
Human beings are fickle. The internet and its infinite distractions have made us all realise our focus isn’t lazor-like. According to research, only about 20% of people read online articles through to the end. Videos on the internet are the same too. Many are played from the beginning, but so
It seems as if every brand is wading into the live stream this year. Amazon recently launched a 24 hour home-shopping channel with affable hosts discussing deals, holiday gifts and the latest shiniest gadgets. Twitch has become so popular, people are  becoming millionaires playing video games in their guest bedrooms. Social