A full service marketing agency based in Brisbane, Australia.

As we celebrate 10 years, we have grown a team including a full-service digital agency that specialises in developing and implementing online advertising. Our team includes designers, creatives, strategy and digital specialists, right through to our in-house production services that provide leading directors, producers, film crew and post-production services to produce inspiring & incredible content. 

Our Services



No matter your journey, you’ve made it to the step where you need to kick things up a notch – landing on top of the world’s largest search engine: Google. our SEO agency is dedicated to delivering quality results, not fluff or meaningless numbers.

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PPC Advertising

Charge up your success by landing on top of Google’s most prime real estate: on page one. Instant, tangible numbers that take prospects from click to convert. We’re able to deliver finely-tuned ads that collect the attention you’re after.

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Social Media Marketing

When it comes to reach, there’s nothing more explosive than the power of social media, and thanks to the digital era, this growth is only further exploding. And that’s why it’s time for businesses to jump onboard once and for all.

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TV Commercials

Having produced a number of high-profile projects across the board, our TV commercial production company is a leading industry player, continuously stepping in as the go-to for brands of all natures.

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Video Production

The value of video cannot be understated when it comes to modern marketing. By creating clever and concise video that’s targeted to the correct demographic, your business can witness a huge rise in sales, conversions and website traffic.

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Digital Video Advertising

Ignite your brand and bring it to life with engaging, intelligent video advertising. Driven by the power of visual elements and artistic flair, our experts can determine how best to highlight your brand.

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Digital Content Strategy

Using careful craftsmanship and attention to detail, tprmedia will string together engaging stories that put your products and services in the spotlight in a way that’s relatable, digestible and that packs the punch to convert.

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Website Development

Utilising our lineup of talented experts specialising in web development, we craft engaging, attractive platforms that delight users and nurture audiences, but most importantly – convert sales.

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Electronic Press Kits

Gone are the days where documented press kits were all the rage. Thanks to the digital era, it’s all about snazzy digitised, vibrant replacements that redefine brands across the board.

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Our Clients

tprmedia is an independent and proudly Australian owned company. We take tremendous pride in our work, making it an enjoyable experience to produce content in a variety of mediums with our client partners. Our focus on marketing strategy is at the heart of everything we do, delivering genuine results.