The meta description of a web-page is a simple, yet overlooked part of search engine optimisation. The meta description is a short excerpt pulled from the text of a particular web-page and presented underneath the links of a search result’s page. Google has come and outrightly said that a meta
Facebook Ads can be daunting. If you manage a Facebook page, sharing content to be notified with likes and shares from happy followers is surely satisfying. But how do I graduate for this and start reaching new people for my business? While a personal Facebook account is easy and accessible,
Remember the days when you had to trust that spending your money resulted in what you were looking for. Going to the store and making a big purchase was daunting. How do I truly know this isn’t going to break, fall apart, or just plain not work the way it
Remember when posting anything on the internet meant something? The thought, effort and timing was deliberated and fussed over. Edit after edit made, with a looming sense of uncertainty. ‘Will the internet like this?’ Well, these days people are a lot more comfortable pressing the ‘send’ button and publishing to
People have great ideas all the time. Turning that idea into a reality takes time, effort and to be honest, good ol’ fashion luck. Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms are now here to help self-motivated entrepreneurs get their start-up off the ground. These services allow the online masses to sift
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