Profit is found in low hanging fruit Any business owner experiencing growth will know who and where their low hanging fruit customers are but did you all know that Google Remarketing is the perfect automated system only focusing on these customers.Firstly, if your business does not have Remarketing running you
The concept of trust has been around since the dawn of time, but in today’s society, trust is quickly becoming a critical component of business. This is due to the ever-increasing competition and consumer expectations. It’s a fact that consumers will pay more and are likely to return to a
There are days which I am inundated with emails. I trawl my inbox for the information, questions and essay-like briefings to dissect. Responding to all these emails takes time and endless niceties which after a while, become a little robotic. This is where Gmail’s Smart Compose shines. The new feature
The meta description of a web-page is a simple, yet overlooked part of search engine optimisation. The meta description is a short excerpt pulled from the text of a particular web-page and presented underneath the links of a search result’s page. Google has come and outrightly said that a meta
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