Brand image is everything. Projecting this correctly is one of the biggest challenges modern-day advertisers face. The decision to tell or inspire through advertising can have a huge impact on the overall success of a campaign. The concept of telling in advertising is often associated with simply projecting about a
The term “influencer” is being used more and more in the marketing and advertising world. There is a divided opinion in the media world surrounding this new form of promotion.  Whilst some marking it a major player in the future of advertising, others are disappointed at the drastic shift away
Modern day business relies on reviews, across any industry or business size. Traditionally, reviews were honest responses from customers that have physically visited or had some form of experience with the business and have something positive or negative to say for the benefit of future customers. Recent statistics show that
The digital world is changing at our fingertips, at a rapid rate that no one can keep track of. What once seemed like a very distant future, is now a harsh reality. That is the threat of cybersecurity. According to PwC, Australian CEO’s now see cybersecurity as the number one threat
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