This is something I really need to hammer home with so many people. It’s come up in a few conversations this week and I really need to make a point of this. It’s great to sit on the sidelines, have theories and opinions. You know what makes a difference? Getting
This is my favorite piece of advice. Probably because it’s not for every occasion. I met with a new client yesterday and as I asked him to explain his business, I became increasingly confused. So I asked him about his story, his childhood, what led him to this moment. What
This morning as I put one foot after the other walking up Mt Cootha, cursing the need for daily exercise, I smiled at a moment of realisation. 10 times. That’s what it takes. It’s a hard and fast rule to remove disappointment from trying new things. On Saturday morning, I
There are days which I am inundated with emails. I trawl my inbox for the information, questions and essay-like briefings to dissect. Responding to all these emails takes time and endless niceties which after a while, become a little robotic. This is where Gmail’s Smart Compose shines. The new feature
The meta description of a web-page is a simple, yet overlooked part of search engine optimisation. The meta description is a short excerpt pulled from the text of a particular web-page and presented underneath the links of a search result’s page. Google has come and outrightly said that a meta