People have great ideas all the time. Turning that idea into a reality takes time, effort and to be honest, good ol’ fashion luck. Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms are now here to help self-motivated entrepreneurs get their start-up off the ground. These services allow the online masses to sift
Have you ever received an email from a so-called Nigerian prince? They are harrowingly attempting to smuggle wealth out their nation, and need a foreigner’s help. Others will say you are the beneficiary of an unbeknownst distant relative’s will, who happens to be an exceedingly rich monarch with no immediate
In August of 2007 internet aficionado Chris Messina proposed the early adopters of Twitter group tweets with the pound (#) symbol to tag posts. The idea did not fall on deaf ears. A writer named Stowe Boyd soon after approved of the notion, and thus the hashtag was born. Messina
Video is great. We can all agree on that right? Content feeds are alive with eye-catching motion, enticing readers to pause and take a moment. The medium is exploding right now because it works. 54% of consumers want to see more videos from brands. In fact, one could argue video
Have you logged into LinkedIn lately? The social platform is now more than just where you go to update your digital resume when you finally receive that promotion. The place is buzzing. It’s the virtual water-cooler where people network, share industry goss’, and write insightful and provoking articles. Since the